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Established in 2013 as a direct result of our obessession to keep girls looking as special as their night.

Calling LA "Home", New york "Our Ecscape", & Paris "The beginning," our designs are a collage of the colorful inspirations from these high fashion Meccas.

Head designer and founder Gloria K attributes her years in the industry & travels across the world a obselete contribution in comparison to what raising two girls has done in the development of GLS as a vision and a brand.

Our girls make GLS, and that includes you.

Attitude. Confidence. Heightened sense of Self. What a strong dress does to a girl. And all the traits she has already, and should feel every day. Twice on Sunday. Every one of GLS’s dresses are designed with the intent to pull that out of women, even if it’s for one night. The liberation you feel when you decide to say no to the idea of “toning it down” or “shining less” is a revelation and pivitol point that some experience and most later in life. Our mission is to get more girls there, quicker.

We present to you the stunning gls collectives with exclusive designs. This is not something you find every day... We have masterpieces made for you, according to your body. No matter where you are, you can avail of these amazing dresses and complete yours. We want every girl to experience an unforgettable prom of their life, and there's no way you can miss this. Every girl wants to look beautiful on that special day, and we make your dream become a reality. Get your dream dress from our gls collection and amaze everyone with beauty. The collection has everything you wanted and looking for. Browse through gls's prom dresses, homecoming dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and stunning collection of wedding gowns. There is something for everyone.